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SharePoint 2019: First Impressions From Enterprise Users

SharePoint 2019: First Impressions From Enterprise Users

As expected, Microsoft outlined its immediate and medium-term strategy for SharePoint at the user conference that has just finished in Las Vegas. Over several sessions, Microsoft leaders provided insights into where they see SharePoint in the enterprise, what is on its way in the new edition and what is likely to happen after SharePoint 2019.

To clarify where exactly Microsoft is now, Bill Baer, senior technical product manager in the Microsoft SharePoint business published a blog post summarizing the current state of play. SharePoint Server 2019 will be generally available to customers in H2 CY18 while SharePoint Server 2019 Preview will be available to enterprises in summer 2018. There are a number of significant improvements in this edition, he wrote, including user experience improvements that have already appeared in the online edition through Office 365. 

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